Black Swan Influence

Local Business Marketing


Business Consulting

We help you uncover the most profitable areas of your business. Design plans to expand your growth. Tackle new markets & launch new products.

Managed Facebook Ads

We use a blend of Facebook Ads & Direct Response Copywriting to help you collect leads, sell products & acquire more customers

Sales Strategy

Finally, we help you put a proven sales plan in place. This enables you to charge more for your services, retain customers for longer & increase your profits.



#1 Consulting & Planning

We start by discovering more about your business. What your short term challenges are, what your bigger vision is, what you’ve tried so far. 

We use this information to map out a short term and long term sales & marketing strategy. We discuss the strategy together and once you’re happy with our plan we begin step 2.

#2 Market Research

Unique to Black Swan Influence, we start your marketing projects by collecting market research. Within our unique approach, we make your new customers cover the costs of collecting this information.

This is the one thing that will enable you to open your customers wallets easier than anything else. 

We will then create all our adverts, strategies and offers with this collected research. The insights you’ll gain from this will be worth its wait in gold. 

This information alone will allow you to out market, out sell, and our serve all of your local competitors. This is your ‘Coca Cola secret recipe for your business.

#3 Application & Optimising

We implement your plan by creating digital assets. This could be videos, images, ad copy or a combination of all. 

We then buy targeted traffic using our scientific approach and send them to a high converting sales page. We monitor your results, tweak and change things as necessary. 

The end result will increase your foot traffic through your door, line your pockets with more profit, and  we’ll send you as many qualified customers as you can handle.

Our Case Studies


Black Swan Influence In The Numbers:

From humble beginnings in 2017. Black Swan Influence grew to help small businesses, SMEs & celebrities across the globe sell their products

Over £1.4 m sales generated

Powering businesses in over 7 countries

Over 300 completed & succesful marketing campaigns

About Us


I created Black Swan Influence to be a home for business owners with a burning desire to succeed.

Most business owners pour their heart & soul into their company. To provide the best service to their customers and to genuinely help more people.

But for whatever reason, struggle to grow as fast as they’d like & pay themselves a salary they deserve.

The problem with other agencies is, they may be good at increasing your brand awareness. Yet few know how to generate you more customers.

To further this, they expect you to understand how to sell & capitalise off the opportunities they create.

Black Swan Influence bridges this gap. We grow your business by providing you with leads, and sales. We also consult & teach your staff how to sell, close & retain customers for eternity.

Book an introductory call today to learn how we can help grow your business & receive a free end to end strategy.

Who we are

We’re a global company located in Liverpool, England. Our clients can be found in the likes of America, Australia, Poland and everywhere in-between.

Our philosophy

We focus on what will produce you results THIS MONTH. All of our advertising focuses on delivering immediate results. Although their are no fast fixes, this is the closest service to it. 

Our guarantee

Every new client is given a results guarantee to trial our service. Simply put, if we don’t deliver on what we promise (impossible) then we allow you to work with us for free until you generate an ROI, or simply refund your investment.


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