About Black Swan Influence

a company by jamie woods


Why Black Swan Influence Exists

I created Black Swan Influence to be a home for business owners with a burning desire to succeed.

Most business owners pour their heart & soul into their company. To provide the best service to their customers and to genuinely help more people.

But for whatever reason, struggle to grow as fast as they’d like & pay themselves a salary they deserve.

It’s through my sales & marketing skills that I look to change this for them. Using timeless & proven concepts. With the aim of growing their business by generating more sales and helping more of their customers.


The Expertise

Everything we incorporate into your advertising campaigns uses something called “Direct Response Copywriting”. This is a skill which has been honed over 4 years on multiple marketing projects.
Spanning hundreds of thousands of pounds in testing, and generating millions in return.
Direct Response Copywriting is the art of making your customers buy from you on day one, by using persuasive language. It is for this reason alone we are confident in our ability to guarantee your growth.