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We love what you're doing for the CrossFit community. We checked you guys out & where impressed with your facilities. Watch the video we made it for you and your team

I've been working with Jamie and Black Swan Influence for almost over a year now. We're a relatively new box and through his advertising we've been able to completely fill up all of our membership slots. We've now started to focus on selling pricey PT packages and the sales training Jamie has given has allowed myself and my team to easily sell multiple £100... memberships. Would highly recommend to anyone who needs the additional revenue or aid to grow their box

Owner CrossFit Capacitas

Jamies been great for my business. I've solely relied on the CrossFit brand to get me more members. I had other garage gyms opening up down the road form me and charging far less for their services. But since working with Jamie I've now dropped my CrossFit affiliation and taken my business private, this has allowed me to save a ton of cash in affiliation fees. His advertising has been great, consistent and reliable. I'm profitable every single month I advertise with Jamie, couldn't recommenced him enough

CrossFit Edinburgh

How We Grow Your CrossFit Box


  • Advanced marketing which delivers cheap and qualified leads. These techniques where learnt from working with an 8 figure fitness business (Rudy Mawer)
  • Unique landing pages which no other CrossFit box will have access to. This helps you to build your brand and become more memorable in your local community
  • Automated lead nurturing systems. These are developed to make your leads come to your box automatically. It does a lot of the 'heavy sales lifting' so you won't waste your time chasing bad prospects with calls and texts


  • An easy sales process which makes closing new members effortless. These are tried and tested methods stolen from FTSE 100 companies because of how effective they work
  • Done for you sales presentations. This is a sales presentation you, or your team can follow should you choose to sell higher priced memberships or 6 - 12 month membership plans in one go.
  • Member retention sequence. We help you to retain more members by building a strong relationship fast and give them multiple opportunities for them to raise any concerns they may have which may cause them to leave you.


  • We show you what other CrossFit boxes are doing to raise their prices and increase the value of their service so you can charge more money
  • We help you to build high ticket programmes that people happily buy so you can give your business that extra cash it needs to continually improve your services, such as buying new equipment, hiring more staff or even opening up a new facility.

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