The Easiest Way to Sell £300 CrossFit Transformations & Retain More Members

"A 'Plug & Play' Sales & Marketing System For Box Owners Who Want to Sell High Ticket Memberships Effortlessly This Summer"

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Things Have Changed...

You suspect it, my clients suspect it & I’ve witnessed it.

Getting more CrossFit members has become harder recently…

  • Your Competition Has Increased
  • Ad Costs Have Sky Rocketed
  • Gyms & Boxes Are Using Weird Bait & Switches & Tarnishing Their Brand...

But This Isn't a Bad Thing
Allow me to Explain....

Have you ever heard the expression “The Cream Will Rise to The Top?”

In our world, it means that although there may be 7,000 + private UK gyms & boxes, Crappy supplement companies (with million £ ad budgets), & hundreds of ‘Insta Influencers’ selling online PT…

They’ve done you a massive favour!

They’ve watered down your competition & your local community is crying out for a real solution to their health concerns.

This is where
you come in...

You have a ‘calorie’ dense, real world solution…

  • You've witnessed the physical & mental transformations which happen in your Box
  • You know your local communities money is best spent in your business
  • And you deserved to be paid well for it

This is where
I come in...

(Hi I’m Jamie) You’ve never heard of me, but that’s because I work quietly behind the scenes of some of the UK’s most profitable boxes & with celebrity personal trainers/athletes.

  • I Could Tell You How My Marketing Campaigns Are Famously Stolen - But That's Not Important
  • I Could Tell You How I Helped 'Joe Bloggs Gym' Bring In 6 Figures of Additional Income Last Year - But That's Not Important
  • I Could Tell You How My Sales Training Turns Meek, Unconfident Coaches, Into Lean, Mean 'CrossFit Profit' Machines - But That's Not Important

Instead i want to present you with a challenge...

I want you to take a look at the typical results I generate for boxes just like yours (below this text). And if it doesn’t get you excited then click away from this page.

Then next, I want you to take me up on a 7 day trial of my full Done for You – ‘CrossFit Profits Programme’. And allow me to prove I can help you – This part is FREE of course. 

And finally, after you’ve witnessed people getting excited about your box, messaging your page begging to join & paying you money – we can discuss continuing on with my service.

This challenge has absolutely ZERO risk on your end. Sound cool? If so click this button to reserve your space:

The Results Your Box Can Expect:

16 x $2 Leads for a £300 transformation

VS My Competitors Expensive $7 leads

or How About Turning £732 into £12,771 Profit?

With a Year Potential of £153,252...

Or Would You Like £30,900 in Sales Opportunities From Spending £503?

Or How Would You Like To Learn How to Effortlessly Close £300 Transformations (without any weird bait & switch methods)

Or How Would You Like Consulting Which Helps to Save Businesses & Get them to new profit levels?

Do You Guarantee Your Work?

Jeez, Yes! Of course, I guarantee my work. What good person worth their weight in gold doesn’t?  

Here’s the brass tacks of how my businesses’ guarantee works:

  • Take Me Up On Our 7 Day Trial, Where You Will Receive Your Own Branded Landing Page, Sales Training, Maximum Retention Guidance, Managed Facebook Adverts Among a whole host of other things you'll find useful - You have no contractual obligations to continue working with me
  • Next If After 30 Days of Working With Me You Don't See an ROI I Will Refund You Your Entire Investment Plus Ad Spend
  • You Can Also Keep Your Branded Landing Page, My Ad Copy, Emails, Sales Training & Retention Secrets For FREE

What If I Hate Sales?

Look, I get it, sales isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. So here’s the deal, I can work with you to get new members who turn up to your box with cash in hand – without you having to sell them anything.

To further this, I can also put you in touch with my skilled sales partner who will do all of your sales for you.

If you need members, and you need them yesterday, this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for…

What's Actually Included to Help Grow My box?

Here’s exactly what you’ll receive (p.s. my plan is to overwhelm you VALUE and charge you far less than any of my competitors):

  • Our Low Cost (done for you) Facebook Ad Lead Generation System Which Guarantees You 10 Hot Leads (Minimum) Per Day - Everyday!
  • Your Own Branded Sales Page Which Can Be Used to Generate You Leads & Even Make Sales For You Online!
  • Full Sales Training Provided so you and your staff can follow a 'battle tested' system for closing high end £300 transformation programmes
  • Our 'Maximum Member Retention Secrets' So You can retain more members and eventually 'fire me' from your business
  • Access to our Rolodex of other successful UK Gym/CrossFit Owners - Got A problem and want to speak with someone whose been in a similar situation before? no problem We'll hook you up
  • Our Automated 5* reviews & referral System which helps you to grow your credibility & Box organically
  • Total market research so we can always stay one step ahead of your competitors & ensure you get more members before they do!
  • The opportunity to outsource all of your sales to a professional so you can focus on just delivering your service

What Boxes Do You Work With?

Trusted By:

Everyone who signs up is provided with a list of my client’s direct email addresses & phone numbers. From those who’ve worked with me for over a year, to those who’ve been working with me for just a couple of weeks.

I omit my UK clients names on this advert because it’s important I protect their income from pesky marketers who’ll steal their member generation campaigns.

Instead, you can have a list of the celebrities & athletes I’ve worked for:

Rudy Mawer – Celebrity Online Personal Trainer

Steve Weatherford – NFL Athlete & Owner of Armageddon Programme

Jen Ferruggia – Owner of


Ok, So What
Happens Next?

Look, one of two things will happen.

The first is you click away from this page, and leave thinking ‘hmmm that was a well-written ad’ and never find this page again – even if you change your mind. And will always wonder how your life could’ve been different if you’d have taken this opportunity…

The second is, you take me up on this no risk 7 day trial and schedule a call with me. From here I can ask you a bunch of questions about you, your box and your goals. Then I’ll devise a sales & marketing plan to help you get there.

Over the next 7 days you’ll start to see your business gradually moving forward, then over the next 30 days you’ll know that this summer is going to be extremely profitable for you, then over the next 60 days your biggest problem will be “I’m going to need to hire more staff & get a bigger place”

Click the button below, because there are strictly only 5 places available for you to claim right now.


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