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A Brief Look at How Jamie Helps Affiliates Hit Their Financial Goals With Facebook Marketing

If you're here today because I sent you a letter...

I want to first say thanks. Thanks for taking your time to investigate this further. I’ll keep this short and to the point, so you can quickly figure out if this is right for you – sound fair enough?

Let me start by saying I see my work as a way of helping you make more cash (without costing a fortune) & helping people discover the many health benefits CrossFit has to offer.

We'll start with the results I can help you achieve shall we?

In this campaign, if you zoom in you will see that with less than £20 (the amount I promised I would gift to you to get started). I managed to help CrossFit Capacitas attract 17 qualified leads!

That is, 17 leads all willing to pay £89. We’ll run the maths real quick. 17 x £89 =  £1,513. Now should these 17 leads stay for a whole year, this one campaign would bring in a huge £18,156 

Obviously that figure is based on 100% committing for a whole year (which is unlikely) but you can you see the power of spending £12 on advertising managed by the right person?

Again, zoom in and you will see £16 spent on advertising. For… drum roll, 54 leads!

This was a campaign ran for CrossFit Edinburgh. Those 54 leads are all worth £75 each. So if we run the maths 54 x £75 = £4050. And the yearly value? £48,600.

You need to realise, this campaign is promoting a paid service. This means no free weeks, no wasting your time with tyre kickers. Simply hold a group orientation once a month on a weekend, onboard your new members and enjoy seeing your box buzzing with new members.

I’ve got tons of other examples too but I promised this would be quick.

So How Do Your Facebook Marketing Campaigns Work?

I design you a branded sales page. This is either hosted on your own website, or on one of my domains.

I use something called copywriting (the art of writing words to make people act) to get your local community excited about CrossFit and your services.

I buy the right targeted traffic in your local area. So we don’t waste money showing the wrong people who won’t be interested  and invite the right people to view your sales page with the exciting message I designed for you.

They view the salespage, understand they have to pay for your service and submit their details.

Now Here's The Great Part...

Once they’ve submitted their details they’re redirected to a short questionnaire.

The questionnaire asks them some innocent questions, such as what their goals are, what they’ve been struggling with, why you should pick them as a member.

This gives you all the ammunition you need to close the sale, either in person, on the phone or by text – the choice is yours.

On top of helping you get leads. I can also show you how to close your leads and  develop an email sequence designed to turn them into long term members…. I’ll explain it all on the phone.

Anyway, by now you’ve either made your mind up. Either you’re in and you want to schedule a call? (If so you can do that by submitting your details bellow)

Or you’re not convinced that this is at all possible, and that’s cool too. 

But if you’re ready to take your box to that next level and have a friendly 15 minute conversion on what that might look like submit your details here and I will reach out to you.