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Want to grow your business with marketing but don't know what agency or product you need?


So What Is The Single Most Valuable Marketing Strategy For Growing Your Business in 2020?

Your customers vote for their favourite businesses with their wallets. And if you’re struggling to acquire more customers, you’re likely missing one crucial ‘piece’…

…This ‘piece’ influences all sales globally 

…This ‘piece’ can turn any ordinary business into a cash printing machine 

This missing ‘piece’ isn’t a flashy website, software tool, or ‘new gimmick’. In fact, it’s a strategy that’s been employed for more than 100 years to grow businesses fast.

If you’ve tried marketing yourself, or hired other agencies and failed, I don’t blame you as it’s likely your strategy didn’t incorporate this ‘missing piece’.

Here's The Ugly Truth

You can have the best product in the word, the best website, and the best service…. and all of that won’t matter…
….If you can’t persuade people to buy from you, and in that case, well you’re screwed.

And here’s the problem, most marketing failures have been less to do with the product…

….but more to do with ‘the persuasion’ element of their marketing.

Most people would rather ‘look the best’ and be ‘perceived’ to be the best…

than actually be the best. And most digital agencies know this.

Other ‘marketing’ focus on ‘making you look good’, getting a ‘large reach’, creating an annoying ‘jingle’. Ensuring you’re ‘first’ on Google.


While all of the above strategies are important, they’re not THE most important thing for your business. And *shock* they’re not even persuasive, are they?

  • Persuasion isn’t about making you look good, but it’s a secondary benefit of it
  • Persuasion isn’t about making you rank on the top of Google, yet persuasive Google ads can steal your competitors hard earned position & customers
  • Persuasion isn’t even about getting in front of as many customers as possible. It’s about getting you in front of the right (cash rich) customers ready to buy

What Persuasive Marketing Should I
Use to Grow My Business in Liverpool?

If you haven’t guessed it already it’s Direct Response Marketing (DRM). 

DRM is kind of like turning your marketing projects into your own personal salesperson. It looks for ‘prospects’, gains their interest, and closes sales for you using persuasive marketing.

DRM focuses on collecting interested leads for your business & closing sales directly. It moves the profit needle daily, it’s accountable, it focuses on making you money.

The sooner you start demanding persuasive marketing the sooner you’ll start moving that profit needle.

Your other option?

Continue as you have been, be happy with mediocre results…

… Or even worse, buy into the belief that “your product”, “your area”, “the economy” is the reason no one will buy what you’re selling.

And what will that result in? Stagnation? inability to grow? failure to make profit?

But that’s not what you, or I signed up for when we took on the risk of being business owners is it? Not. at. all. 

So this is what you need to do to fix your business growth problem.

Step #1 Demand all your marketing projects include some element of Direct Response Marketing just like these large & small businesses

  • Using our DRM Rudy Mawer was able to generate £117k in 48 hours
  • Using emails & sales funnels we were able to help launch his new Celebrity Fitness Program
  • In 2017 JMW used DRM & Facebook ads to find clients for 'Failure to Consult Claims'
  • These claims are worth MILLIONS in compensation, of which a large portion is taken as their fee
  • Artificial Grass Brighton used our DRM & Facebook ads to generate in-house appointments
  • They spent £120 on ads to generate 19 appointments and 6 sales netting £8k +
  • Mens Finest used DRM & Facebook Ads to sell their high end Mens fashion globally
  • Spending £600 on adverts netted them 32 new high end customers

Step #2 Stop Spending Your Money & Time On Marketing That Doesn't Produce Leads or Sales Directly

The one thing that’ll damage your business the most is this…

…It’s not the fact you’ve wasted thousands in ad spend

…nor is it the huge agency fees 

It’s the time spent wasted on bad marketing practices. Leaving you months, if not years behind where you should be today

Can you answer these questions honestly?

  • Do you know what marketing influenced someone to buy from you before?
  • Can you track every marketing spend to the results it produced?
  • Have you ever conducted any market research?
  • Do you have a concrete strategy or do you feel like you're 'firing off in all directions?'
  • IMPORTANTLY: are your current marketing efforts scalable?

If you found yourself struggling to answer these questions…

Or if you found yourself answering NO. You not only have a marketing problem, but a business growth problem too.

But I have good news

Imagine how easy it would be to grow your business if we designed your marketing strategy for you… for FREE

…A strategy which shows you where to find your customers.

…A strategy which shows you how to sell your services automatically online 

… A strategy that is accountable and rings that cash register daily 

And Imagine how great it would be knowing for every £1 you spend on your marketing you can guarantee it will bring you £3, £5, and even £10 in trackable profit .

And how powerful it would be knowing your business is adding new customers daily.

If this is even vaguely of interest, then you must take action on step 3 

Step #3 Get a FREE Direct Response Marketing Strategy Specific to Your Business

  • Who is this for?
  • This is for you if you're sick and tired of 'trying to figure out' marketing on your own
  • This is for you if you want to find a 'Plug & Play' strategy that will produce direct sales for your business using marketing
  • This is for you if you're a business owner with 2 or more employees (we have clients small & large) from landscape gardeners to international private banks
  • This is for you if you're looking for new ideas to grow your business & would like some guidance
  • This is for you if you have products or services that are CURRENTLY selling & you want more customers (no amount of marketing can help sell a product people don't want to buy)

Finally Here's What You Need to Do Next

Taking the next step is easy…

Simply click the ‘Book My Discovery Call’ button, then choose a time for me to call you personally.

One of 3 things will happen on this call:

  • 1) I will give you the exact strategy you need to grow your business to produce sales with marketing. Take this strategy, give it to your team, or even implement it yourself, all for free
  • 2) If I'm confident we can help you grow your business, then I will make you an offer to become one of our exclusive clients we look after and personally manage their marketing & sales strategy
  • 3) If I don't feel like we can help you, I will refer you to someone I trust who can help you with your project

Ask yourself, if all you get from this call is some clarity & confidence in your marketing project, is it worth 30 minutes of your time?

And ask yourself, if all you get from this call is the EXACT strategy you’ve been looking for to grow & scale your business, then is it worth 30 minutes of your time?

Well if so, click the button below to lock in your call today

  • P.S. While spaces for this call aren't limited the amount of businesses we can personally help are limited. If you're serious about growing your business lock in your call today

About The Owner

I’ve never been a fan about writing about myself. But I know, how important it is to trust someone with your business 

I’m an Ex FTSE 100 Salesman who ‘fell into’ direct marketing out of necessity. During my time B2B I’ve personally been responsible for generating more than £1m + in sales.

This was majorly influenced by how I used DRM to get my foot in the door of many companies I sold to.

Black Swan Influence grew out of the idea to help other businesses create solid lead generation processes to grow their business.

This has had us working with the likes of American celebrities (Gary Cox – Motivational speaker , Steve Weatherford -NFL)

To then turning our eye to help more local businesses, big and small.

It is my personal belief that most businesses problems can be solved by generating more sales. And this is what we guarantee to do.

In fact, we’re known as one of the only agencies that provide a full refund if we can’t help you (zero refunds and counting).