Black Swan Influence


3,6 & 12 MONTH

Business Consulting

We help you acquire more long term members. This starts with attracting new members with ads. And finishes with us teaching you how to retain & sell 6 – 12 month memberships.

Managed Facebook Ads

We use high converting ad copy & landing pages to help you stand out in a crowded marketplace. No gym launch copy & paste. Only unique high converting ads which make people respond.

Sales Strategy

We help develop an in-house sales strategy which helps you & your team to sell high ticket packages (£500 +) and 6 – 12 month memberships. So you have a predictable windfall of cash flow every month.

Our Results


#1) 2 Month £72k Gym Campaign

Break Down of Results

We advertised a 30 day transformation RRP £147 over the course of 2 months, using persuasive ad copy (unique to B.S.I.)

This resulted in 641 leads generated at a cost of $3.64 (£2.95) each

Of which 109 people converted into a trial membership bringing in £16,023 over the course of 2 months

54 people bought a 6 month membership (£99 pm) resulting in an additional £32,076 in revenue

And a further 23 bought a 12 month membership (£89 pm) resulting in an additional £24, 564

#2) Advertising on a Budget In a competitive area (£21.5k Generated)

Break Down of Results

This UK area has 5 local competitors advertising the same programme. We changed their marketing & sales strategy to get them cheaper leads & outsell their competitors using a 7 day free trial.

This resulted in 127 leads generated at a cost of $3.80 (£3.08) each

82 people claimed the 7 day pass, of which 39 bought a 6 week transformation RRP £199

This brought in £7,761 in revenue within the first month

Later 21 purchased a 6 month membership (£89 pm) and an additional £11,214 in revenue

And a further 3 purchased a 12 month membership (£70 pm) and an additional £2,520 in revenue

Black Swan Influence In The Numbers:

From humble beginnings in 2017. Black Swan Influence grew to help small businesses, SMEs & celebrities across the globe sell their products

Over £1.4 m sales generated

Powering businesses in over 7 countries

Over 300 completed & succesful marketing campaigns

Who we are

We’re a global company located in Liverpool, England. Our clients can be found in the likes of America, Australia, Poland and everywhere in-between.

Our philosophy

We focus on what will produce you results THIS MONTH. All of our advertising focuses on delivering immediate results. Although their are no fast fixes, this is the closest service to it. 

Our guarantee

Every new client is given a results guarantee to trial our service. Simply put, if we don’t deliver on what we promise (impossible) then we allow you to work with us for free until you generate an ROI, or simply refund your investment.


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