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Here's How to Rapidly grow Your Karate dojo And add an extra 10, 20 or even 50 new members this month for free

Are you one of the many genuine Karate instructors who...

Has a brilliant class? And are told frequently by customers ‘how much they love what you do’, leave you positive reviews, and tell their friends about ‘what a great experience they had at your dojo’?

But for whatever reason, your businesses growth has been anchored. Some of your mats lay empty. You have slow periods during the week. And perhaps you may even want to put on more classes but have no clue how to get more customers in?

If so this is for you...

I want to open a new world of possibilities to you. One where your phone is constantly ringing with new customers. Your inbox has daily customer inquiries. And your biggest problem is “Do I need to get a bigger dojo?”

You see, by using Facebook advertising, we can reach your ideal customer (like I’m doing, right this second by reaching you). Give them an unbelievable offer they simply can’t refuse (ahem, ‘how to grow your business for free’) and start paying yourself a salary you truly deserve

Just Imagine how great it would be to have a system like this built for you. Where you know each month you can add new members to your karate classes, for pretty much free. This could easily help you reach your business goals.



Attract More Customers| Lock Out Competition | Boost Your Profits

Here's How it Works

1) Targeted Facebook Ads (Value £600)

I use secret targeting methods to find, attract and persuade your ideal customer. To not only visit your business, but to buy from you too. So far this method of advertising has worked for solicitors, gyms, beauticians, restaurants, martial arts studios, landscape gardeners, dentists and the list continues… Simply put if your customers own a Facebook profile we can serve them engaging adverts directly in their living room.

2) Branded Sales Page (Value £1,999)

You will have your very own branded sales page – your’s free to keep forever. Quite simply, this page will do all the ‘heavy lifting’ for you. Your customers will come to your business, qualified, cash rich and already 80% sold on your services.

3) Your New Members Cover Your Marketing Costs

The best part about this system is you can get new member and grow your business for pretty much free. Yes free, how? 

Well, I won’t take any upfront cost for my service. This means you get to test my strategy out completely for free. You will get to experience new members coming in and you will see them paying you.

Then once you’re happy with the marketing (and only when you’re happy), I’d expect to be paid a small commission for my work. Full costing will be disclosed quickly over the phone (I omit this information as I have many competitors who imitate my work) 

Next, because we’re using Facebook adverts. Like most businesses, they don’t charge for their service until the end of the month. This means you  collect your new membership fees and use this new money to pay off your small marketing costs (think £50 – £200).

So Where's The Proof This Works?

I get it’s easy to make these huge claims without backing it up. Please take your time to look through the results of some of my recent UK & American Marketing campaigns.

Dentist Case Study

$806 Brought in 54 Dental Implant Leads Willing to Pay $1,000 +

TOTAL VALUE = $54,000 +

Gym Case Study

£16.62 Brought in 54 Leads Willing to Pay £89

TOTAL VALUE = £ 4,806

Taekwon-do Example

£198.55 Brought in 48 Leads Worth £99 Each


With a Year Value of £50,000 +

  • Using Sales Scripts That Effortlessly Close (Even For Complete Beginners)
  • High Quality Leads With an 85% Close Rate On a $1,000 Membership
  • Viral Adverts That Keep Converting Even When You Turn Your Campaigns Off

Just Think By Using My "Customers on Demand" In a Month From Now You Could Easily Add an Extra Few Thousand to Your Back Pocket Without Spending a Fortune

And In Months 2, 3 & 4, With The Addition of More Customers & The Continuation of Repeat Customers You Will Surely See Your Profits Skyrocket

Yes! I'm Ready to Sign Up

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Ask yourself, if all you get from this quick 15 minute call was a couple of new marketing ideas you could STEAL from me, then would it be worth it?

And, if all you get from this quick 15 minute call was the chance to receive some feedback on your current marketing efforts, then would it be worth it also?

If so, submit your details below and I’ll reach out to you within 24 Hours.


I can strictly only work with 5 extra businesses this month (I simply can’t extend my time to work with anymore) Once this offer has been claimed I will be fully booked up for work until 2019.

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Who Runs Black Swan Influence?

Hey, thanks for reading this far. My name is Jamie and I created the brand Black Swan Influence, to help small business owners to grow their empire & increase their revenue.

I’m an ex FTSE 100 salesman, who has personally sold over £1,000,000 + B2B who then moved into something called ‘copywriting’.

Copywriting, is the art of writing words in a persuasive manner in order to drive sales. This had me working with Hollywood personal trainers & American athletes, helping them to sell their online fitness programs – Notably Rudy Mawer & Steve Wethorford.

Later, I decided to start my own marketing agency. Everything I incorporate into my marketing is tried, tested and has been proven to generate 7 & 8 figure incomes, when executed correctly.

Currently, I work with a number of SMBs all over the world, and my business has grew thanks to word of mouth. But now, my focus is on helping more Liverpool businesses take advantage of Facebook advertising to drive their sales.