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"What would you do if you could add £20ks worth of members to your business next month? Would you upgrade your premises? Work less hours? Hire more staff?"

"To further this question, how much do you believe you’d have to spend to achieve these results?"

As you’ll soon discover, it’s in fact possible to add £20k worth of business to your gym (within this month) by spending £16 advertising on Facebook.

I get that you’re probably skeptical about this, perhaps you’ve tried Facebook marketing before and it hasn’t been that great… or you may have outsourced your marketing and had weak results, and that’s ok too.

Facebook advertising is a hell of a beast (and to be honest, has taken me thousands of pounds on advertising and courses to figure out)

Now, I’m not here to waste your time or try and sell you on a crappy “Fitpro” course, nor to ask you to hand over a wad of cash either…. far from that.

But, what I’m here to do is show you exactly why so many CrossFit Boxes, Gym’s & Martial arts studios trust only me to run their Facebook marketing for them and help them double their turnover every 3 months.

Shall we start with the £20k results first?

Ok let’s get this out of the way first, I lied. £20K worth of results came from £16.62, not £16. Phew, glad I got that off my chest.

Let’s run the maths together:

  • £16.62 brought in 54 leads worth £60 each or £3,240 in total
  • Now if each member stays around for a year that price is £3,240 x 12 = £38,880
  • But let’s be honest, no one will close all of the 54 leads - it’s more like 43 (80%) = £31,104
  • And all 43 new members won’t stick around for a whole year, realistically a little over half will. So £31,104 / 65% = £20,216

Would you agree that’s about right?

And more of an important question would you pay just £16.62 for £20,216 worth of results?

Of course you would,  let’s continue and quickly move onto the next example so you know this isn’t a fluke:

Not as impressive, but bear in mind this is for a £99pm membership.  £12.31 brought in 17 leads at a total cost of £0.72 each.

Those 17 leads have a total value of £1,700 instantly or £20,400 (if 100% stay around).

Just think, how quickly I could help you grow your gym and hit your financial goals by taking all the guesswork and financial worries out of your marketing.

“Now It’s Great You Can Generate Leads But Are They Qualified?”

Good question. The biggest annoyance many gym owners find is wasting their time with leads who’re tyre kickers, uncommitted, lazy and …. *ahem* cheapskates.

I get that you’ve got a gym to run, classes to prepare for, someone’s nutrition to check over, you’ve got staff worries, heck ain’t VAT a bitch too? So it would be a cardinal sin for me to waste your time sending unqualified leads your way.

I ensure your leads are qualified by using advanced targeting, making them jump through various hoops and are somewhat familiar with your pricing.

“What Else Can You Do For My Gym?”

I can help you to stop bleeding money. 

Yanno them leads who’ve opted in for a trial, or a transformation challenge? How’re you converting them into full time members? Do you have the time to persuade them to stay?

Have you tried selling them 6 – 12 month packages before?

Would you like to?

Have you offered them PayPal credit before – so you get a FULL YEARS MEMBERSHIP up front and they pay a reduced monthly membership. No more chasing up payments PLUS more cash upfront!

Imagine how much profit you could make by making these simple changes after their trial. And Imagine how much I can help you if I’m giving away these tips for free.

Is this possible? Yes of course – when you hire me to look after your gyms marketing, I will give you a number of email sequences you can use to help retain members, sell more memberships and reduce your time spent chasing people!

Just think of me as your personal sales agent.

“Yeah, Yeah That's Great But I Bet Your Services Cost A Fortune”

Not at all mate. I make a promise to all my fitness clients:

I will make you more money in your first month than I charge OR you don’t pay me a penny (how’s that for confidence) AND your new members continuation onto month 2,3,4,5 and 6 is PURE profit for you to enjoy”

And because I stick by these values, as you can imagine I get booked up pretty fast. In fact, this month alone I have space for only 4 new gyms to market for. 

So if you like the idea of working with a fitness marketer who will help you achieve your financial goals, will take over the reigns of your marketing while positioning your gym as the home of results, professionalism and community within your area .

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Now you’ve read this page in its entirety, you know my plan works, you know I can help your gym, you have an idea of how I market and there’s no-risk on your end from hiring me, what-so-ever.

Then take action now and fill in your best details in the form below and I will reach out to you to schedule a quick 15 minute strategy call.

Just ask yourself, if all you get from this strategy call is a few new ideas you can STEAL from me, would it be worth it? 

And if all you get from this strategy call is some honest feedback on your own marketing efforts wouldn’t the insight be invaluable?

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