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  • AND Isn't it frustrating when you pour your heart, your sweat and your time into your business, but for some bizarre reason you feel like your business hasn't reached its full potential yet (or is anywhere close to it)?
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  • And yet other martial arts studios are opening up their 5th location, some are maybe your local competitors. And so it begs the question...

Why can't you crack this "getting more members & growing your business to multiple 6 figures thing"?

What Makes This Worse Is...

Just as you’re bringing your head above water to breathe a bit. Maybe to take a much-needed break from running classes 24/7… you’ll undoubtedly get slammed with an unexpected bill. Putting you back to square one. Do not pass ‘go’ do not collect £200. It’s always the way…

And With Finite Money, Only So Much Time In The Day & The Need to Balance an 'Actual Life' ....

This challenge of getting your martial arts business to be HYPER profitable, seems to be a dream that cannot be realised.

So What Does The Future Look Like if You Continue Down This Path?

Acceptance of having an ‘average studio’? Downsizing your classes? More stress? Closure possibly? Going back to work a mind-numbingly boring job?

But It Doesn't Have to Be This Way...

  • You see; I've found too many martial arts businesses are working far too hard to 'force' their business to grow.... when less than 50% of the effort will explode their sales...
  • I've also found a solution to grow their businesses for pretty much free. A solution where their customers cover ALL THEIR SALES & MARKETING COSTS...
  • And this year I'm on a mission to share my story & help as many martial arts business owners to do the same also!

"What 19,200 Hours of Selling & Generating Millions In Sales Have Taught Me About Growing Martial Arts Studios"

This was it! 

This was the day I was going to be fired.

My boss hadn’t spoken a word to me in 2 weeks. My colleagues were talking about me behind my back, and no one was making eye contact with me.

This was a bad sign! 

I could feel it…

The room was tense.

At the age of 21, and 180 miles away from my family in London, I have never felt so alone.

I was in my own personal hell. 

One that I’d created… and all because I had big ambitions.

They say “If you want to make good money, you’ve got to do the work that no one else is willing to” 

And I’d chosen one of the hardest professions to walk into…

Financial sales…

To make matters worse I have a thick squeaky Scouse accent…

The kind of accent that screams “Unprofessionalism”

I felt like this was holding me back and stopping me from making sales… but it’s not as if I could change this.

And that was the least of my problems…

I was 4 months into my 6 month probation and barely making any sales for my company.

I had an expiration date of 60 days stamped on my forehead and everyone knew it.

I needed this job,

More than ever.

With bills stacked up high and a large loan I took out, just so I could afford to live in London. 

Great idea right?

Jamie - Owner of Black Swan Influence

Sometimes, I’d wake up at 5:40 am and would pray that my boss would fire me over text.

Just so I didn’t have to get out of bed in the morning, And begin my 1 hr and 40 minute bus journey to work.

But more so I could blame someone else for my failures….

Yet, something I heard early in life stuck with me, encouraging me to move forward.

One step at a time.

“A part of growing up is leaning into your problems, not running away from them”.

Now, in my day to day job, I tried following what everyone else was doing to generate sales & more customers.


  • I followed their sales scripts, but they never worked
  • I called more and more people than they did, and yet I still couldn't get a sale
  • And I even got into the office earlier to call people before their receptionist had the chance to scare me away, but that didn't work either

Nothing I Did Would Bring In Sales

Now it’s sort of funny…

On my first day of the job I knew this would be difficult. I was told I had the ‘office shit list’ of customers to work with.

It’s kind of like going to google and searching for “Best Restaurants in My Area” and choosing a one star to dine at. The kind that Just Eat won’t touch…

This meant for me, that right at the beginning I had the cards stacked against me, but just like you can’t change your location, I couldn’t change my list of customers.

And maybe you’re like me? And you love a challenge?

Besides at the time I was a young lad, and I wanted money, and all the wonderful things that money can buy:

  • Freedom to do what I want when I want
  • Expensive cars that are the envy of my friends
  • To look and be successful
  • Exotic holidays in far away lands
  • To support my family & save for the future

"I wanted this more for just money"

But If I’m being completely honest I wanted this for more than just money…

I wanted:

  • To be self sufficient
  • For my family to stop worrying so much about me
  • To accomplish my biggest life challenges
  • To be a valuable person to my customers
  • To build an empire I could leave my family one day
  • To watch my bosses jaw hit the floor when I proved him wrong
  • To prove EVERYONE wrong who ever doubted me...

Here’s the beauty in all of this…

When life is tough and you’re stuck in a corner, it forces you to be creative, to try things that no one else would

And I could feel I was close to finding the secret of generating sales

After all, you only need to figure out how to sell ONCE.

When you figure that out, life is on easy mode, you  get customers as easy as turning a light switch on and off.

When you have difficulties you just sell some more, and BOOM your problems are over

Once you have the formula, you’ll never have to struggle again

Customers On Demand

That’s what I was working towards

Listen Closely, This Is What I Did...

I figured out that if I could get someone on the phone I could sell them, almost immediately.

My product was great and people wanted it!

They wanted my product yesterday, that’s now much they loved my product.

It practically sold itself!

And maybe you have a similar issue, where you know your service is great? it’s just getting more people to see what you have to offer?

My biggest obstacle was getting the right person on the phone.

They where some of the hardest to reach people, and I had gatekeepers slamming the phone down on me once every ten minutes…

At least I knew that I wasn’t the problem, not completely at least.

So this is what I did…

I’d use my 1 hr 40 minute bus journey (in both directions) to read a LOT.

You can see my dog sitting next to half of my books here.

I’d read sales book after sales book, and marketing book after marketing book.



For any answer

Then one day I read something, something that’d change the entire course of my life for the best.

It was such a simple idea, but I read over it again and again, trying to understand the principle on a deep level.

My brain was on fire reading this principle.

For the first day ever I was excited to go into work.

I strutted in like Conner Mcgreggor waving my arms around and headed straight towards my desk with a big grin on my face, while my boss scowled my confidence.

This day I knew was going to be different.

You see, I had just stumbled upon the foundation of every Sales & Marketing strategy EVER.

It was a timeless concept that works for EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS.

Now understand, this may look simple, but as you’ll see later on it is far from that. And very applicable to YOUR BUSINESS

I read:

“In sales & marketing there are always three variables you can control:”


  • The Market - Who You Can Sell To
  • The Message - What Your Sales Message Is
  • The Medium - How You Get Your Sales Message Read

Are you getting this?

If not pay close attention as I explain how I used this information next.

You see, in my situation, my market (the people I could sell to was fixed, I couldn’t change it)

My message was the same as the top salespeople, and when I had people on the phone, I knew I could sell them, so that wasn’t my problem

But my medium, the way I got my message to them was BROKEN! 

Using this basic formula I could work out where my issues lay.

You need every single part of “The Market, The Medium & The Message” to be correct in order to sell anything!

If any part of that was broken, you simply couldn’t sell anything, is this making sense?

So Here's What I Did Next

In order to test my theory, I’d have to change my medium. At the time, my medium (as was everyone else’s) was the phone.

But I DARED to be different

I wrote out a letter explaining my sales arguments and clicked print.

I crammed around 50 letters into envelopes and shoved them in a postbox.

And then I waited.

3 Days had gone by and I nervously started drumming my fingers on my desk…

Praying this would work…

I began calling and was met with the familiar “CLICK BANG” of being hung up on.

“Drat” I thought! as I’d sink back in my chair

I tried and tried again, until something happened

“Hi Jamie, thanks for the letter, It reached me at the right time, I’d like to buy”


And that was just my first taste of success of the day, it happened again and again and again.

Just wait until you learn how much I made…


Then The Unusual Happened...

Now I call this part “Ripe Sales”

Simply because the selling and getting new customers, was as easy as holding your hand out below an apple tree, at the right time, and watching a ripe green apple fall squarely into your palm...

People started emailing & contacting ME! before I had the chance to call them…

And they all said the same thing

“Your message got to me at the right time”

Can you imagine if that happened to you?

Now this told me something powerful


The BIG Sales Secret

The people who bought and became my customers, ONLY bought from me because I contacted them at the right time!

This meant I’d been wasting my time contacting hundreds of uninterested customers who’d never buy from me EVER…

And get this


I repeated this process of sending letters out by the hundreds.

And my phone would not stop ringing with customers who wanted to buy from me!

You can see the exact letter I sent out here:

Now, I was getting high fives from all of my team mates in the office

Even my boss reluctantly shook my hand and said “Well done” through gritted teeth.

Obviously I passed my probation

But more importantly, I learned a valuable lesson of how to be SUPER EFFECTIVE at selling

Using a stupidly simple letter,

Now you may be wondering how you can also use this for your own business, but don’t worry I’ll explain how in a minute

Things Started to Look Bleak Again...

I wish I could say that my plan was a full success…

But after sending letters to every customer on my base of 2,000 people, my sales began to dry up again.

My boss went back to trying to burn a hole in my head with his gaze

It wasn’t fun, I felt like a shell of a man again.

Back to square one

Now, I asked the company for more customers, and at this time I was there best salesman.

Bringing in 2 months worth of business every single week!

But they denied my request due to internal politics, yikes!

My boss didn’t care, and told me that “My letters where cute and everything,” but I should “Pick up the god damn phone and sell just like everyone else!”

But I found a more effective way of selling.

A way that beat their traditional, slow and boring way of annoying ‘uninterested customers’

A way to the fast lane of exploding a companies growth.

So I left

I found a new company, with a bigger customer base that I could go after and started the process again.



I followed the same principle of making sure my Market, My Medium & My Message was right.

This time, I changed my Medium to Linkedin & BOOM my sales exploded once again.

I made my new company millions and as you can imagine my commission cheques where chunky.

At this point in my life my friends were starting to pay attention.

One of them owned a gym

He asked me if I could help him with his sales, and I gladly obliged.

I ran through my process and consulted my books

Who was the market? 

– Local people to his gym interested in fat loss

What was the message?

– We can help you lose weight

What was the best medium to get this message to them?

– Facebook adverts

Facebook The Turbo Accelerator of All Sales & Marketing

We tested and tweaked a few things until we had the perfect synergy of market, medium and message.


Hundreds of sales

My friend’s jaw hit the floor

He asked me if I could do the same for his martial arts business too.

I repeated the process for each of his classes

Who was the market?

– Parents with children 

What was the message?

– We can teach your child martial arts, confidence & discipline 

What was the medium?

– Facebook adverts

Again BOOM!

Their  sales exploded yet again

I started sharing what I was doing in Facebook groups and more and more gym & martial arts owners around the world wanted me to do the same for their business too

So I obliged,

I repeated the process and every single time it worked.

Why Businesses Fail

This is when I realised it wasn’t my fault that I couldn’t make any sales in the beginning. 

For too long I was acting on bad advice! Following conventional outdated methods of selling!

Making my life more difficult than it needed to be.

I noticed after speaking with hundreds of other business owners that they too were acting on bad advice!

And when I broke myself, and them, out of these ‘conventional chains’ we both experienced the success we deserved almost overnight.

The real problem was bad old school GOO ROO advice and bad old school methods of selling.

This was keeping me and my clients from getting  results.

Once I realised this, sales & marketing was easy.

Every single business I helped by building their marketing campaigns around the formula of:

The Right Market, The Right Sales Message & The Right Medium boosted their sales tenfold.

I even had a guy from America ask me to market his American Football classes, using my formula.

I have no idea what American Football was, but I obliged and BOOM!


He brought in $9,213 In new customers in one month of advertising.

Make Customers Cover Your Marketing Costs

Now I haven’t even told you the best part!

Every single customer I helped bring on covered my client’s marketing costs!

Are you getting how amazing this is?

This gave them a licence to print cash!

New customers would walk through their door, hand my client money, and my client would cover all of their marketing costs.

They could then reinvest this into finding more and more customers.

They’d open new locations, grow their business further, hire people to run their classes 

While they sit back and reap the benefits of a business that works for them

And not, a business you slave away and work for.

This was groundbreaking for many of them.

It allowed them to realise many of their dreams.

The dreams they had hoped to achieve when they first decided to work for themselves.

It got me thinking about, how many other business owners are acting on bad sales & marketing advice, and this is when I realised I had to help more people with this, and dedicated a whole year to building:

The Members on Demand Protocol

This is a ‘Done For You’ Business growth system, which guarantees a minimum of 30 new Martial Arts member opportunities every single month.

This is What You Will Receive to Explode Your Martial Arts Growth:

Jaw Dropping Offer Creation - Which Has People Begging to Join Your Classes

I’ll personally work with you to show you how to strengthen your CORE martial arts classes/offers to attract floods of newcomers. This will help you to justify charging higher prices in the future (which your clients will happily pay you)

Viral Advert Creation

You will also receive professionally created adverts, images and videos edited and tailored for your martial arts business. So your business looks professional online & to encourage the most amount of sign ups possible. 

Managed Facebook Adverts

You will also receive managed Facebook adverts. So you can sit back and watch as floods of happy customers contact your business enquiring about martial arts!

BONUS 1: Online Sales Success

You will also receive our online sales success formula, which teaches you how to turn leads into customers online through your own Facebook page messenger!

BONUS 2: Effortless Closing Secrets

You’ll learn the exact words & the exact formula you need to follow in order to turn trial members into full time members who stick with you for many months!

BONUS 3: Maximum Member Retention

You’ll also receive our training on how best to keep your members for the long term. This will reduce your advertising cost while boosting your profits!

And If That's Not Enough, Well Get This:

I will provide you with this FREE for two weeks, this means you get to test my ‘Done For You’ sales & member generation system out for yourself.

  • You get to experience new members walking through your doors for free
  • You get to see exactly how my system works before committing to it
  • You get to earn money before investing in my member generation system

Why am I doing this? Well, I get how easy it is for businesses to make BIG CLAIMS without backing them up.

I have full confidence in my ability to help transform your business into a money generating machine. Whether that’s using my system for one month, or even if it’s continually using my system to grow your empire.

Besides, I know once you see just how easy my “Members on Demand” system works, you will happily want to do business with me.

And if I’m right? then we’re both in for a great deal.

Here's a Summary of Everything You Will Receive

Now understandably, this is a great offer, and I expect this to be snapped up, almost as soon as I put this advertisement out (as it has done before).

That’s why I ask, if you’re even vaguely interested in trialling my “Customers on Demand” system out, that you apply today.

I’m only human and can bring on 5 new clients every 90 days. To ensure I’m providing them with the full value that I promised, so I ask you not to miss out on this unique opportunity.

Besides, if all you get from this free 2 week trial is a number of marketing systems you could ethically steal from me, then would it be worth it?

And, if all you get is 5, 10, or even 15 new clients in your free 2 week trial then would it be worth it also?

Well if so, you know what to do, click the “Sign Up” button to secure your place today.

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