CrossFit Affiliates, What Would It Mean to You If I Could Help You DOUBLE Your Turnover In Just 3 Months?

Would You?...

  • Work Less Hours?
  • Hire More Staff?
  • Expand & Grow Your Premises?
  • Pay Yourself a Salary You Deserve?

As You'll Soon Discover, This Is Entirely Possible By Using My FREE Marketing System Called:


Attract More Members | Lock Out Competition | Boost Your Revenue

How Does Local Market Domination Work?


Targeted Facebook Ads

We use targeted Facebook ads (paid for by you) in your area and use my proven & secret targeting methods that attract floods of high paying members. While avoiding low value ‘tyre kickers’.


Send Traffic to Branded Sales Page

We send Facebook traffic to a sales page branded around your box. The page will include sales psychology, which excites the visitor & compels them to sign up to your box.


Contact Your Leads

You either text or call your qualified leads using a proven sales script I’ve developed, tested and tweaked, that if followed correctly converts at a 90% success rate.


Group Induction

You hold a group induction on one day at a specific time. This helps you to onboard your new members without spending too much time away from your current members. Providing you with additional revenue without costing you anymore time.


Maximise Retention

I email your new members every other day, this constant contact with your new members helps them to feel valued. I share motivational stories, tips & suggestions to help them make the most of their time at your box. By simply emailing you can expect to retain 80% + of your new members.


Enjoy Your Profits

If you follow the plan I’ve laid out for you, expect to at a very minimum be £1,000 + profitable within your first month. Through various upsells we will also convert your new members onto 6 month and even 12 month contracts. 

So Where's The Proof This Works?

I get it’s easy to make these huge claims without backing it up. Please take your time to look through the results of some of my recent UK & American Marketing campaigns,

£12.31 Brought in 17 Leads Willing to Pay £89 Each

TOTAL VALUE = £ 1,513

£16.62 Brought in 54 Leads Willing to Pay £75

TOTAL VALUE = £ 4,050

And What About For Larger Gyms? Well Take a Look Below

$1,229 Brought In 281 Leads Willing to Pay $1,000

TOTAL VALUE = $279,000

With an average conversion to COLD traffic of 24%

Just Think By Using My "Local Market Domination" In a Month From Now You Could Easily Add an Extra Few Thousand to Your Back Pocket Without Spending a Fortune

And In Months 2, 3 & 4, With The Addition of More Members & The Continuation of Existing Members You Will Surely See Your Turnover Skyrocket

So What Are The Costs & How Does This Work?

Unlike other marketers who would charge you an arm and a leg to set up their system, I provide this all for FREE.

Expect to pay between £50 – £200 in Facebook advertising (but the sky is the limit and there is no additional charge if you’d like to keep filling your box up). 

Once you’re happy with the results you’re seeing & only when you’re happy, Id expect to be paid a small commission for my work.

This commission is ONLY paid out when your box has plenty of new high paying members. This means you can trial my services, completely risk free. 

I will disclose full pricing with you once you have registered your interest (you can do this bellow) – I chose not to disclose pricing on this page as I have many businesses trying to imitate me.

There is no monthly contracts, only a gentleman’s agreement that once you’re satisfied and profitable from my work that you’re happy to pay my small commission.

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Ask yourself, if all you get from this quick 15 minute call was a couple of new marketing ideas you could STEAL from me, then would it be worth it?

And, if all you get from this quick 15 minute call was the chance to receive some feedback on your current marketing efforts, then would it be worth it also?

If so, submit your details below and I’ll reach out to you within 24 Hours.


I can strictly only work with 5 extra boxes this month (I simply can’t extend my time to work with anymore) 

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Who Runs Black Swan Influence?

Hey, thanks for reading this far. My name is Jamie and I created the brand Black Swan Influence, to help small business owners to grow their empire & increase their revenue.

I’m an ex FTSE 100 salesman, who has personally sold over £1,000,000 + B2B who then moved into something called ‘copywriting’.

Copywriting, is the art of writing words in a persuasive manner in order to drive sales. This had me working with Hollywood personal trainers & American athletes, helping them to sell their online fitness programs – Notably Rudy Mawer & Steve Wethorford.

Later, I decided to start my own marketing agency. Everything I incorporate into my marketing is tried, tested and has been proven to generate 7 figure incomes, when executed correctly.

Other than that, I love the gym, training in Strength & Conditioning & Olympic Weightlifting. I’ve got a basic background in sports science allowing me to deliver your marketing in a professional manner.