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Everything You Know About Selling
Float Memberships Is Wrong

I was shocked when I found out. We wasted $10,000s on marketing campaigns, and sure we sold one off floats here & there. But we struggled to get people to visit and buy again.

  • Was our center not good enough?
  • Did people get the results they were after?
  • Were our staff secretly sabotaging us?

We’ve all thought it, but who can blame us. Every month we’d be working just as hard as the previous month. Something didn’t add up…

But when we implemented, this one change. The pieces finally came together…

  • Our adverts started working (too well in fact - we had to shut them off due to limited availability)...
  • People were buying memberships from us without having to press the issue...
  • And incredibly, we were able to increase our prices without worrying about losing customers to competitors...

Most People Think It's Things Like...

  • Groupon
  • Advertising
  • Branding
  • Social Media
  • Networking

Are The Most Important Factors In Growing a Float Center...

While these are very important factors in themselves they’re still missing THE BIGGER PICTURE

So What Is The Key to Making This Work? The one ‘missing’ crucial piece all successful float centers will admit is responsible for their success?

If you haven’t already guessed. It’s market research… more specifically, how to use this market research to sell more float memberships.

Your First Sale is a Crucial Vote of Confidence Your Customers Give With Their Bank Account

If you’re facing this obstacle of not getting enough people to buy from you, or to buy memberships from you. It’s likely you’re missing this vital information

  • Market research drives all of your sales online & offline
  • Market research can turn a one pod center into a million dollar franchise
  • Market research will help you to out market, and out sell all of your local competitors
  • Market research will help you to ethically increase your prices without worrying about losing out on customers

I never blame anyone for not knowing this. It’s not something which is taught to you in school, or what anyone suggests when you open your first location.

"Market Research is a continuous process for collecting, investigating and interpreting information about a particular market a company operates in or a product/service the company offers for selling in that market, and also about potential and existing competitors and the past, present and potential customers who purchase and consume the offered product/service. Conducting market research means making an analysis of all information about the market, product/service, customers and competitors in order to investigate possible ways for the company to successfully operate in the market, sell the product/service, attract the target audience and gain competitive advantages."

I’ll add to this, market research is the fastest way to grow your business. Every serious float center owner must understand how to use this information to unlock the key to your customers wallets.

The truth is, you could have the best facilities in the world. You can create a unique experience. And you can even be the cheapest in your area…

But, if you don’t have this market research, or even if you do, but you don’t know how to use it. Then you can’t persuade people to buy your floats and keep them as members…. and in that case, well you’re screwed 

Most float marketing failures (including our own in the beginning) is less to do with your service, and more to do with how you communicate your floats value to customers

Market research is almost always the missing piece (and I’m positive it’s yours too).

We spent thousands of dollars interviewing past, present & future clientele, finding out what makes them buy. They literally gave us the keys to open up their wallets.

And here’s the crazy thing, when we implemented the market research…

  • Our lead cost dropped from $6 to $1.13 so we were spending less money & earning more than before
  • We had people buying our floats online without the need to call them on the phone
  • And 30% of all new customers purchased an auto-renewing 3 month $150 membership, so our profits increased while relying less on advertising - how great is that?
  • And better yet, everyone else we implemented this for received THE EXACT SAME RESULTS

137 Leads For $1.13

43 Leads For $2.90

567 Leads For $2.00

So what's the key to solving your float centers growth?

If you’re sick and tired of burning your hard earned cash on failed marketing campaigns. If you’d rather be increasing your prices (than rushing to undercut your competitors). 

And finally, if you want to build a business that works for YOU, instead of you working for your business... then listen up

Jump the line of trial and error & short cut your way to your businesses success

I’m personally inviting you to give us the reigns of your sales & marketing strategy…

Imagine how easy it will be to plug our ‘battle tested’ & market research backed, sales & marketing strategies straight into your business, and let us do all the hard work for you…

And imagine waking up everyday, looking at your bookings calendar and seeing all the online sales produced from our marketing campaigns.

And still, Imagine knowing confidently that not only will your float center have more customers than you can handle, but these customers will actually stay with you for years to come…

So How Do We Get You There?

The first step is to book a discovery call with myself, where you and I will see if we’re a good fit for your business. You must do this by clicking the green button below:

This Is What You'll Receive

5 Unknown (but powerful) Facebook Marketing Strategies

Yes, we’ll still be using Facebook adverts, but fear not. We’ll be using them in a way that has never been seen before.

By using the market research we’ll be targeting 5 affluent markets to guarantee you an influx of new cash paying clients – while making sure you don’t attract tire kickers.

Video & Image Editing

We will create, design and build your images for you to help strengthen your brand.

These will be unique to you & built to influence your customers to not only to buy from you, but to prefer your brand.

Automated Online Sales

By implementing our strategy, on average 20% of your leads will buy from you straight away, without the need to ever call or chase them.

Instead let our marketing close the sales for you online

Telesales Scripts & Follow Up Strategy

Sure you could sit back and let our marketing make you some online sales… but you want a thriving business don’t you?

Great! By following our scripts we will help you to convert as many of your leads into cash paying customers who fuel your businesses growth

This works even if you hate sales & have no experience selling

Maximum Member Retention

Look we get how difficult it is to sell memberships.  You have a small window to sell post float…

But on the other hand, you don’t want to ruin their experience.

We show you exactly how to sell 30% of these new customers onto 3 month memberships – without being too salesy 

On Going Consulting

We’re a call away..

And while we’ll implement all of this work for you, we will also be providing you with vital consulting about your businesses growth.

We’ll introduce you to new ideas, new areas to find more profit and how to turn your business into a cash printing machine.

Here's What You've Had to Say So Far:

"We brought Jamie on as our operations support and from the get go he had new ideas which have been game changing. We feared that not enough people in our city knew what floating was unless they’d listened to one of Joe Rogans podcasts. In the beginning we were trying Groupon, advertising discovery sessions on facebook where we’d show people around are facilities and then sell them onto a 3 float bundle and it worked great for a couple of months, but the business stopped growing. Jamie instead helped us gather market research and uncover what actually made people buy floats. Its stupidly simple really, sell people what they actually want. We then used that info in all of our ads and the leads have been non-stop for 6 months. Covering all costs and Im confident in a few months time with the addition of all the membership sales that we won’t have to advertise as much now. Honestly Best decision was partnering with Jamie would thoroughly recommend”

Ross K
Founder Rosscos Float Rooms

“I’d tried another agency earlier this year and had a terrible experience. The other agency would focus on remarketing to all of my existing clients and never brought in anyone new. It was embarrassing receiving horrible emails from customers telling me to stop bothering them. I explained this to Jamie and he told me that our main focus was on getting new people into my facilities. All I can really say is his methods work. The day the ad went live I had new leads and new sales within the day. I haven't looked back since then. I was a little bit worried about the time difference but he always made time for my calls and I’m glad I found him in the advertising your float center group”

Owner of Zero Gravity Float Spa

“Jamies done a lot for us. Along with the advertising he provided my team with sales training. We’d always struggled selling memberships to people post float, but he had a simple method of using a post float questionnaire which has made it incredibly easy for us to sell people memberships, I’d never thought of that. It’s been useful having someone else I can rely on for new ideas”

Jessica H
Yue Float

This Is What You Need to Do Next

Now understandably, this is a great offer, and I expect this to be snapped up within days (as it has done before).

That’s why I ask, even if you’re  vaguely interested in trialling our new method of growing your float center, that you book your call today.

I’m only human and to ensure I can live up to my personal promise of helping you to grow your float center – I restrict the amount of new clients I work with to just 5.

It doesn’t matter if you’re just starting out, or if you’ve been in the business for decades. This system will work for you. I’m so confident we can give you the results you need – that I personally guarantee our work with a full money back guarantee if you don’t get the results I promise.

Ask yourself, if all you get from this phone call is a few new strategies that you can ethically steal from me, then would it be worth your time?

And, if all you get from this call is a chance to work directly with me, where I resolve your biggest headache of providing you with predictable & consistent business growth – then would it also be worth it also?

Well, if so, click the green book my call button below, select a time suitable to you, and we’ll talk soon.

– Jamie

Positions Left

Hey thanks for taking your time to read this far.

I created Sell More Floats to be a home for float centers who are in need for a tried and tested solution to growing their business.

Sell More Floats begun after hearing the horror stories from other float business owners of how other agencies fell flat on their promises. 

We’ve spent months and $10,000s testing different marketing strategies working as part of the operations team at Rosscos Float Rooms (here in the UK) 

Later, I began talking about our unique strategies in various float business owner Facebook groups.  I was asked time and time again if I could help others accomplish what we achieved. 

This has resulted in us launching our strategies in America & Canada – each time our strategies found instant success.

If your marketing isn’t quite working, or if your sales are falling flat, then I warmly invite you to book a call with me directly to see how we can help.


Most frequent questions and answers

We’ve spent $10,000s collecting market research & testing strategies – finding out exactly what makes people buy floats, how they prefer to be sold to, and how to sell memberships to them.

Simply put, our strategies are battle tested worldwide so you can feel confident they’ll work for you too

Yes, when you choose to work with us we will discuss your KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) we will agree to help you reach a certain number, and if we fall short then you have a couple of options.

  1.  Ask for a full refund 
  2. Continue working with us for free until we hit your target 

As each float center has their own individual needs e.g. some have more tanks than others. We will assess your needs and quote you a fair price 

Everything is 30 day rolling. However we do always suggest you work with us for a minimum of 2 months so you can see a greater ROI with more clients signed up to monthly memberships

Yes we will implement all of the work for you. Everything from creating and designing your ads, setting up online payment systems and showing you how to close people onto memberships.