How to Advertise Aesthetic Procedures to Generate More Clients

Advertising your business online is almost crucial in this day and age. It’s the lifeblood which feeds your business with new opportunities. And those new opportunities can also potentially turn into even more opportunities via referrals and recommendations.

But with so many different aesthetic services, marketing platforms and marketing strategies it can become a bit ‘too confusing’ at times. So much so, advertising can be an expensive pain. Something which drains your money for little or no returns…

So how do you advertise aesthetic services correctly, first time, every time?

Well, the first step is to place all of your aesthetic treatments through this simple test. The test involves segregating aesthetic services which are ‘solution aware’, from those that are ‘problem aware’.

Allow me to expand. A person, let’s call her Jane, in her 40s, is aware she has an ageing face, specifically crows feet. She’s also heard of Botox and is aware it will fix her crow’s feet. This is what we call solution aware. Where a prospect is aware of the solution to their problem.

Solution aware treatments, are usually popularised by the media, gossip and celebrities. Your prospects are aware of the procedure and are aware it will cure their problems. These types of treatments need to be advertised differently to problem aware treatments.

Let’s go back to the example of Jane. Jane also has a lot of fine lines and uneven skin tone. She’s aware of this problem, but she is not aware that C02 Lasering could be the solution she is looking for. This is what we call problem aware.

How to Advertise
Solution Aware Treatments

Solution aware treatments should be advertised in the form of offers. This could be money off their first treatment, bundled with additional treatments or a free sample of the treatment.

This is because your prospect doesn’t need much convincing to come down. But, they still require a reason to act today, not tomorrow or in a months time, but today. This is where the power of creating an attractive offer helps to motivate new prospects to check you out.

All good offers should be limited to encourage people to buy from you immediately.

Now the A.S.A. has strict rules about applying time limits. However, you can add ‘limited quantities of the offer’ due to staff limitations. So, for example, you could say “We have 10 of these offers available on a first come first served basis” and this would be acceptable.

How to Advertise
Problem Aware Treatments

Advertising problem aware treatments can be a bit more tricky than your solution aware treatments. To start you must compose a guide aimed at helping or partially solving your prospects ‘problem’. For example

“10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Reduce The Appearance of Acne Scars”

The above title would be produced into a downloadable PDF. listing 10 things, along with the pros and cons column of what individuals could do to reduce the appearance of acne scars. The guide is also a great place to position yourself as an expert on the subject.

Within the guide, you should also list your core treatment. Be fair and explain it’s core benefits (long, immediate and permanent results)  and some of the cons (price etc). The idea here is to position your treatment as the #1 solution to their problem.

After your prospect has downloaded your guide, you can begin to send them emails advertising your free consultations for their problems, where you can provide them specific advice (and obviously close them on the treatment if it’s right for them).

This is the essence of all Aesthetic advertising.

What About
Other Advertising Methods?

Sure you can do the whole ‘Pay hundreds of thousands of pounds to establish your clinic as an authority clinic’ But that doesn’t get you immediate results and not everyone has the cash available to do this.

And yeah, it’s great to get your website to rank on the top page of Google, but again, that can takes 6 – 12 months before you receive results. Can your business honestly wait that amount of time to grow?

Our preferred way to grow peoples businesses is with something called Direct Response Marketing. This delivers immediate results with little budget. So while your competitors are fighting for the top position on google and paying with their time and money…

You can start growing your clinic immediately and receiving a consistent and reliable amount of new clients every single week.

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