The 90 Day Wealthy Box Protocol

Double Your Boxes Turnover in 90 Days by Using an Effortless Marketing System to Sell High End Memberships And Boost Your Retention Rate For Even Greater Profits

Are you one of the many CrossFit Affiliates who have invested ...

  • In Themselves
  • In Their Staff
  • And In Their Facilities

And you know you can deliver results, you know you provide an outstanding service and you know you’re one of the best affiliates in your area of the UK (or you’d like to be)…

But for whatever reason, you have membership slots to fill, you have low points during the day and you find yourself working ALL the hours god sends?

Well, if so, this is for you...

Today I’m going to show you how to put your box on the MAP. Attracting floods of high paying members to your facilities & how you can finally pay yourself a salary that you truly deserve.

  • Without spending a fortune on crappy Fitpro courses
  • Without blowing stacks of cash on Facebook ads that never work
  • Without wasting your time reading lengthy books, cold calling or even implementing any of the work yourself

Yes, if you follow my exact protocol you will see (as early as next week)  10, 20 or even 50 new high paying members walk through your door.

And Here's How:


Launch a High Converting Facebook Advertising Campaign

I will personally manage your boxes marketing. Promising to deliver as many leads as you can handle that are excited about your services, that are cash rich and that will convert into long term members.

Your inbox will be flooded with leads daily, people will be messaging your Facebook page demanding you reserve them a space and your staff will be happily busy.

As you’ll soon discover,  it is in fact possible to generate upwards of £4k from as little as £16.62 advert spend, once your adverts are managed by a professional marketer.


Effortless Closing Secrets

I will provide you with THE ONLY structure you ever need to follow to close new clients (as long as you promise to only close those who actually need your services).

Just how dentists, doctors & lawyers all prescribe their clients with solutions that they are more than happy to pay £1,000s for. I will show YOU how to leverage your own professional credibility to make effortless high ticket sales.

Alternatively, I can automate EVERYTHING for you. So you never have to pick up a phone again. Instead you will have leads automatically walk into your box at a dedicated time slot.


Warm Member Retention

I will help you retain your new members and upsell them on 6 month and even 12 month contracts. So your initial £100 sale quickly turns into £600 or even £1,200.

Effectively locking your competition out of the market and helping you to plan your own boxes relentless growth (now you know you have the income to do so)


Providing Insane Additional Value For Your Members

I will help you provide an insane amount of value to your members (if you’re not already) that will help you to justify charging higher prices. In addition, this extra value will also serve as another measure of increasing your overall member retention.

By applying some of these additional tips you will see your members actively marketing for you. Spreading your name, telling their friends about the results they’re receiving and the fun they’re having in the process.


Enjoy Your Profits

If you follow the plan I’ve laid out for you, expect to at a very minimum be £1,000 + profitable within your first 2 weeks. Through various upsells we will also convert your new members onto 6 month and even 12 month contracts. 

So Where's The Proof This Works?

I get it’s easy to make these huge claims without backing it up. Please take your time to look through the results of some of my recent UK & American marketing campaigns

£12.31 Brought in 17 Leads Willing to Pay £89 Each

TOTAL VALUE = £ 1,513

£16.62 Brought in 54 Leads Willing to Pay £75

TOTAL VALUE = £ 4,050

$1,229 Brought In 281 Leads Willing to Pay $1,000 For a 3 Month PT Package

TOTAL VALUE = $279,000

With an average conversion to COLD traffic of 24%

  • Using Sales Scripts That Effortlessly Close (Even For Complete Beginners)
  • High Quality Leads With an 85% Close Rate On a $1,000 Membership
  • Viral Adverts That Keep Converting Even When You Turn Your Campaigns Off

Just Think By Using My "90 Day Wealthy Box Protocol" In a Month From Now You Could Easily Add an Extra Few Thousand to Your Back Pocket Without Spending a Fortune

And In Months 2, 3 & 4, With The Addition of More Members & The Continuation of Existing Members You Will Surely See Your Turnover Skyrocket

So What Are The Costs & How Does This Work?

Unlike other marketers who would charge you an arm and a leg to set up their system, I provide this all for FREE (that’s an instant saving of £500).

Expect to pay between £50 – £200 in Facebook advertising (but the sky is the limit and there is no additional charge if you’d like to keep filling your gym up). 


Your first month is completely FREE to use this protocol. That means you can test drive my process, start seeing the difference I can make before making any commitments.

Then, once you’re happy with the results you’re seeing, & only when you’re happy, Id expect to be paid a small commission for my work.

This commission is ONLY paid out when your gym has plenty of new high paying members and you’ve made a substantial profit. This means you can trial my services, completely risk free. 

I will disclose full pricing with you once you have registered your interest (you can do this bellow) – I chose not to disclose pricing on this page as I have many businesses trying to imitate my work & secrets.

There are no monthly contracts, only a gentleman’s agreement that once you’re satisfied and profitable from my work that you’re happy to pay my small commission.

Yes! I'm Ready to Sign Up

If you’re excited about the potential of growing your boxes  revenue, by using a proven marketing system tested on 17 gyms, CrossFit boxes & martial arts studios then simply input your details bellow to schedule a quick 15 minute call.

Ask yourself, if all you get from this FREE month was a couple of new marketing strategies you could STEAL from me, then would it be worth it?

And, if all you get from this FREE month was my effortlessness closing script that will generate your £1,000s for years to come, then would it be worth it also?

If so, submit your details below and I’ll reach out to you within 24 Hours.


I can strictly only work with 5 extra boxes this month (I simply can’t extend my time to work with anymore) And with summer finally here, I imagine there will be a huge interest in my type of service.

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Who Runs Black Swan Influence?

Hey, thanks for reading this far. My name is Jamie and I created the brand Black Swan Influence, to help small business owners to grow their empire & increase their revenue.

I’m an ex FTSE 100 salesman, who has personally sold over £1,000,000 + B2B who then moved into something called ‘copywriting’.

Copywriting, is the art of writing words in a persuasive manner in order to drive sales. This had me working with Hollywood personal trainers & American NFL athletes, helping them to sell their online fitness programs to hundreds of thousands of people globally – Notably, Rudy Mawer & Steve Wethorford.

Later, I decided to start my own marketing agency. Everything I incorporate into my marketing is tried, tested and has been proven to generate 7 figure incomes, when executed correctly.

Other than that, I love the gym, training in Strength & Conditioning & Olympic Weightlifting. I’ve got a basic background in sports science allowing me to deliver your marketing in a professional manner.