Why New Customers
Leave Your Business

Quite frankly it’s annoying. You spend time & money attracting new customers to your business. They tell you how much they love what you do. Then 2 weeks later they leave…

So what’s going on?

In my experience, this happens for a number of reasons. Too many to list in fact. Yet, I’ve singled out the most common here:

# 1 You Used an “Offer” to Attract New Customers

Now offers aren’t the problem per se, but it’s likely you’re not understanding what the offers job is to do. So allow me to define this for you.

“The Offers Sole Job is to Slap Your Prospect In The Face And Scream ‘Look at My Business, Look at The Value We’re Giving People’ Stop Whatever You’re Doing, Cancel Your Plans & Buy This Offer”

Your customer wasn’t planning on buying from you, and they were enticed with an attractive offer. They exchanged their time or money to try your offer, and the first sale was made.

The problem arises when the business owner doesn’t realise THE SALE IS NOT COMPLETE, far from it in fact.

Most likely, you haven’t sold your customer on anything. The marketing and the offer did the selling, and then you closed the deal at the end.

Your ‘new customer’ has not agreed to do business with you other than accepting the offer.

So what’s the solution?

Spend time with new customers, find out what their immediate goals are, what their future goals are, why they’re on this journey, what they’ve tried so far to reach their goal, what’s worked, what hasn’t worked…

The idea here is to bridge a gap between where they are now, to where they’re trying to get. Then explain to them that the offer is the first stepping stone on this journey. Then build a plan which uses more products that you sell to help them get to their goal!

I want to finish this part by explaining that using offers is not the problem. They’re crucial to all marketing & lead generation campaigns. Sure you can advertise without them. Do you see Nike & Apple advertising offers? No, but then again they have billions of advertising to spend, and it’s likely that you don’t!

Offers have their place, and that is to attract new customers by overwhelming them with value. The next step is to sell your customer on your next product or plan.


# 2 Your Service Is Not Up to Scratch

Women are most influenced by testimonials which read “The Service Here Was Amazing”. It’s an interesting insight into how many of your own customers think.

If your service is lacking in any way, then people will ultimately leave. And this is important to remember because service is often a ‘low hanging fruit’.

It’s easier to retain old customers than it is to get new customers across every business. But often, people are blind to their own lack of service.

So what’s the solution?

This is really simple to implement. When someone leaves your business, email them a questionnaire regarding your service & business. Keep it short. 10 questions or less.

Collect this data over a few months and look for common themes. Not every grievance is valid, but if there’s a common pattern, then you should look at fixing it.

# 3 You Don’t Understand Sales

Many people start businesses because they’re passionate about a cause or a hobby they’d like to monetize.

Some early wins & pushing themselves outside of their comfort zones will get them so far. And blind them to the fact that ‘they thought they were good at sales’.

When in fact, anyone else could’ve repeated their process and grown to the exact same size. That is until they hit a growth wall, then they may look to blame anything other than their skill set.

Some people may even hold the belief that “Why should I learn sales, I only want to deal with people who love what I do anyway, I’m not desperate”

And while there is some truth to this, it’s missing the point. Sales isn’t evil, malicious or machiavellian – it’s necessary.

If you believe in you, your company and your product, and the impact it can have on someone’s life. Then you’d sell the shit out of it!

You’d scream it from the top of your building. You wouldn’t shut up about how much your customer’s life is going to change by buying more of your products.

But you’d do it skillfully. You know they need your products. You know they’re imperfectly human, and this means they’ll have concerns & other things going on in their life that may stop them from buying from you.

So you’d learn sales to learn how best to serve your customer. And in the process, the two of you should be in for a great deal.

Your customer should feel excited and convinced about your product and your wallet should feel heavier because of it.

In essence, don’t shy away from learning sales. Sales is where the cream of businesses rises to the top.

The alternative is to silently admit that you’re a hobbyist who owns a business. I say this to be kind. To get you to ask yourself some hard-hitting questions which need to be answered.

So what’s the solution?

The good news is sales can be taught to anyone. Buy a book, a course or a trainer. And have you and your staff go through the new material together. It’ll be worth it, trust me.