Grow Your Business & Attract Floods of Students to Your Yoga Classes

Take The Guesswork Out Of Marketing Your Yoga Classes This February And Fill Every Single Membership You Have - By Outsourcing To A Fitness Marketer Who Works For Global Athletic Celebrities

"If you want to exceptionally grow your yoga classes in the fastest time possible, this is the most important thing you will read this February"

Growing your yoga classes doesn’t have to be hard. In fact with the right ‘marketing formula’ you can pretty much transform your business overnight.

The problem is, there’s too many ‘Yoga gurus’ out there with confusing advice, speaking in complex jargon and making it hard to take any action.

What’s worse is they promise to help, but ask you to pay them £1,000s to ‘buy their 4 week marketing course’.  And after spending hundreds, if not thousands of pounds with diminishing results, this naturally gets tiring after some time.

But here’s the thing; marketing does work, and it will work for you too.

I know this because over the past 2 years I’ve worked with health & fitness celebrities, CrossFit gyms, MMA gyms and Yoga classes helping to grow their brand.

Collectively, I’ve sat behind marketing campaigns with an estimated advert spend of £2 million. And I’ve made amazing discoveries that have helped them to grow their profits by 1,500% and more.

And this February, I want to help you do the same – without having to fork over £1,000s

Just think, all your new clients are out there looking for your services. And all you need to do is find them. But without the right marketing strategy – you will always be working twice as hard as you need to this year.

So I ask you, how would you like it for a health marketing expert to design you a complete and guaranteed marketing funnel which attracts high paying and qualified leads that are excited to learn and practice Yoga local to you?

Now, if you’re concerned about price, don’t be – the clients you’ll attract in your first month will more than cover all the costs; And their continuation onto month 2 is pure profit for you to enjoy.

To further this, just like I’d expect you to offer your clients guaranteed results, I too am offering you the same. This means if I don’t live up to my end of the deal, you will not have to pay me a single penny and you get to keep all the work I do for you forever.

If you’re at all interested in the prospect of attracting 10, 50 even 100 new members to your yoga classes. Then I urge you to read on and check out my example work.

How I Will Grow Your Yoga Brand:

Facebook ads

I help you grow your yoga classes through the use of targeted Facebook adverts.


I write and design sales pages that deliver you bundles of new members willing to pay high prices.

Email Marketing

I create email sequences that help reduce your members churn rate & sell additional programs.

Example of Past Projects

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As Used By:

How Does This Work?

  • You arrange a phone call with me, where you can learn more about me and what I can do for your business and I can learn more about the yoga classes your run in house
  • I send you a proposal for the work I intend to complete for you (typically this is 1 high converting landing page, 1 upsell sequence, 1 email autoresponder and managed Facebook adverts for a month)
  • You agree to the work / or you decide it's not for you
  • I build you a high converting landing page (that you get to keep forever) that helps you to sell your yoga classes by using sales psychology (copywriting)
  • I build you an email sequence which helps to reduce your members churn rate and encourages new members to purchase 6 month and even 12 month memberships in full
  • I run your Facebook adverts to secure multiple sign ups to your classes in February. Sending your customers to your new high converting landing page.
  • After the month is finished and only after you've seen a positive ROI (return on investment) I ask you to pay for my services (this allows you to trial my services risk free)
  • Because we will conduct all business through PayPal you will automatically be awarded buyers protection for all my services. Making it an easy process to ask for a full refund should I have not lived up to my promises.

What Happens Now?

Ask yourself, if all you take away from this experience is a free strategy call with an expert health & fitness marketer, who will provide you with feedback on your current marketing efforts. Then would it be worth 15 minutes of your time?

If so, here’s what I need you to do next.

This offer will close soon; either when I have 5 Yoga studios signed up – that’s my max capacity; or before the 15th of February.

So if you’re even slightly curious and want to lock in your place, fill in the quick form below and I will e-mail you to arrange a time to talk.


I charge for my services only when you have your new members money in your hands. This means I will never ask for payment upfront, nor will I charge you without first delivering on my promise.

Yes, in short. I’ve worked on numerous lead gen campaigns and have helped to implement new systems in various mma gyms , yoga studios and CrossFit boxes that have rapidly increased their profit.

The cost of Facebook advertising (not my services) is generally between £100 – £800pm. But most yoga classes I work with spend between £100-£200pm 

Yes, all marketing I produce for you will be branded and be unique to your yoga studio.

Naturally this depends on your membership prices.

If we work off the example of 20 new members paying £80pm and at a cost of £10 advertising spend each – Then you could expect to see £1,400 the first month. And when you equate the total cost of their membership per year, you could earn upwards of £19,000 from 1 month of advertising.